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More about Georgia Midnight 

Mr. Smith named this gem "Georgia Midnight" as it reminded him of his feelings, while alone in the cockpit, conducting late night flights off aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean. The clear, vast, infinite view of the midnight sky produced lonely, romantic and even spiritual feelings in this young aviator. Mr. Smith states:

"Those flights were indescribably beautiful and exciting moments in my life."


What is it?

"The sparkle of this gem holds portions of the riches beyond belief in the forms of metals more precious than gold. Occasionally, blue flashes of moonstone or golden flashes of sun stone add to the flavor. An unusual feature is its magnetic poles. This unique physical property exists in only two other minerals found in nature to date. Georgia Midnight gives the enchanting feeling of a dark yet star-filled sky. Look deep and you may see the mystery, romance and beauty of this one on a kind gem."

This description of a new gem called Georgia Midnight, comes from its discoverer, a jeweler / gemologist / prospector, C.R. Smith of Prospectors Pouch, Kennesaw, GA. His wife Ilene, says that "CR" has a unique ability to search and find nature's hidden treasures: He found this stone while prospecting in Georgia for other gems.

When I asked him where he found his "mother lode," he only smiled and said he'd never divulge his secret. To him, it was a once-in-a-lifetime find.

A specimen of the stone was sent to several labs for analysis. He reports the following elements were identified in Georgia Midnight: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium, zinc, chromium, lead, antimony, iron, copper, nickel, vanadium, titanium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur, aluminum, calcium, potassium, sodium, silicon, rubidium, yttrium and strontium. According to "CR" it is extremely rare to find all these elements in combination together.

The focal point of the stone, with a black background, is constantly changing due to the erratic shape and colors of the different metals in the stone. Because of its composition, the stone is normally only cabachoned and not faceted; it looks better with a flat or semi round finish.

C.R. Smith won't show you a piece of Georgia Midnight rough, only a finished stone. He won't sell just a finished stone, only one that is set into a numbered piece of jewelry, which he or one of this staff will specially design for each customer; many of the designs can be worn by both men and women.

I must admit, this gemstone is not like any other I have seen. Perhaps one of our Southern jewelers has made a significant gemological find.

Typical of a true prospector, C.R. Smith intends to keep the location of his find secret, but was willing to share a poem he has written about his Georgia Midnight stone (his own registered name for it).

Roy D. Conradi
Southern Jeweler Magazine

Georgia Midnight


by C.R. Smith, F.G.A.


Over 1 billion years ago the earth trembled with might
boiling chambers were hidden from sight.
Red hot magma settled and cooled very slow.
Deep within precious metals did flow.

Sunstone bright, moonstone blue,
platinum, silver and gold; to name a few.
You look up into the black starry night,
see the metals that shine so bright.
All to be seen in Georgia Midnight (Georgia Midnight).

Man reaches for health and wealth throughout his life.
And dreams of finding happiness with his loving wife.
Sometimes God looks down and places His direction
upon certain men to discover His hidden collections.

You may search for lodes in foreign lands,
find your gold in California heavy sands.
Alaska streams have made their claim,
but I'll stake mine on midnight fame.

Look deeply and you'll see within my eyes
all the majestic beauty of midnight skies,
way high above the trees somewhere afar
near the heavens where the brightest stars are.

Forever north, forever south; magnetic force
Georgia Midnight will stay your course.
Where north meets west, you make your mark
point east where it's best to start.

Sunstone bright, moonstone blue,
platinum, silver and gold; to name a few.
You look up into the black starry night,
see the metals that shine so bright.
All to be seen in Georgia Midnight (Georgia Midnight).

As sure as the southern winds embrace me,
the motherlode this time must not escape me.
The dreams I never thought I'd find
so rich down in those Georgia pines.


1985, C.R. Smith


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