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LAZULITE is rarely found with well-developed crystal faces anywhere on earth.   In most cases it forms small grains or nodules.   Handsome crystals are found only at a very limited number of sources.   Graves Mountain Mine, now reclaimed, is located in East Georgia and is one of the best occurrences in the world.   The mine itself was mined primarily for its Kyanite supply.  

The lazulite occurs in an intrusive rock matrix of quartzite bearing kyanite and pyrite.   Other key minerals extracted through the years are some of the best rutile specimens ever found.   The rutile crystals range from magnificent miniatures to giant sized crystals with sharp, bright faces.   Pyrophylilite and iridescent hematite were also interesting by products.   The iridescent hematite displays rainbow colors within cavities and on the surface due to iron oxidation.   The pyrophyllite formed delicate spraylike or burst of needle crystals.  

The rich blue colors of crystalline lazulite and light blue kyanite embedded in a pyrite filled grey quartzite matrix gives a beautiful mixture called

Georgia Lazulite

By C.R. Smith, F.G.A.

Deep blue lazulite, crystals so rare
sprinkle yellow pyrite, color very fair.
In quartzite matrix you again will find,
light blue kyanite atop Graves Mountain Mine.

An array of crystals when polished and bright,
not unlike the Milky Way, splendor with light.
The sparkle of atoms in symmetrical scatter,
eternally holding Gods power over matter.

Remember too, the roses of pyrophyllite
and all the iridescent hematite.
Great museums carry its brilliant rutile.
Faces of Nature, intrusions long stilled;
created beneath Georgia's rolling hill.

1986 C. R. Smith

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