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The history of two stones

Georgia Midnight



Some prospectors can envision the slow cooling of liquid magma deep in the earth's' interior. One in particular was laced with minute amounts of all the precious metals as well as other metallic elements. When the first minerals started to evolve from this deep melt they formed segregated zones or families of compatible minerals.   This differentiation is due to the order of solubility of the minerals involved. Some of the major factors are temperature, rate of cooling, pressure and availability of elements.   All play an important part in the end product.   During this very early magmatic stage as the darker minerals were solidifying they pushed out the unneeded and excessive metals.   These deposited in the interstices between those dark minerals or wherever space was available.   The possibility of this discovery being very rich and large is favorable due to mode of formation.   Outcrops of the basic rock structure covers an extensive area.   One zone with all the precious metals is what we know as "Georgia Midnight". 

"Georgia Midnight" was first discovered protruding slightly through an overburden that has been weathering away for millions and millions of years.   Closer observation revealed seven boulders lying in the shape of an arrow or near that of a right angle.   If one stood at the center between the two leg ends and pointed toward the apex where the two legs met you pointed toward the North Star.   One side seemed to parallel the trend of' "Georgia Midnight." Perhaps an early habitant heated the material for metals that were malleable enough to shape tools.



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