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Benefits of the Mirror Facet Kit
These benefits are gained only by owning the Mirror Facet (TM) Kit/Mirror Blend combination.

1. A complete faceting lap system that starts with coarse grind and finishes with high polish on one base lap.
2.No time consuming lap to lap headaches as other systems require.  When a facetor completely removes thick or metal laps from his or her faceting maching it will create alignment and scratch problems that will carry through their lap sequence from coarse to final polish.
3. Critical facet to lap assignments are positive and immediate from start to finish when you operate directly on the patented Magic Mirror Lap (TM). Do not be fooled by shortcuts or copycat systems.  No other gimmicks, instruments, laps or parts of a mitrror comes close to this convenience and high accuracy.  Users of those are still grasping for answers, yet still do not completely understand the problem.
4. Positive facet head to lap vertical and horizontal alignment that is highly essential.  This faceting machine adjustment is paramount for basic accuracy involved when using any brand machine.  One shouldn't have to pay unnessary postage and fees to have adjustment mistakes corrected at the factory.  Repeatability is nearly absolute with little or no cheating. Helps to eliminate over cuts and loss of materials.
5.  Relocates facets with ease even after dop-gemstone separation.
6. Will adapt to all faceting units and increases their efficiency and accuracy.  Teaches you to facet properly as you go.
7. Fantastic repair of damaged gemstones will easily pay for the kit over and over.
8. Produces extemely brilliant, razor sharp facets.  No hard to polish wavy, round or multi-surfaced facets.
9. Identify and separate gems of the same cut, color and shape with rapid precision that can be easily recorded.
10. Divides cheater indexes into smaller increments with precision and measures lap thickness with high accuracy (courtesy of Mike Parrinello of Texas Faceting Guild).
11. "Cuts"  to a high polish, no pressure or heat involved.  Elimination of slurries and related scratch problems.  Clean! No harsh chemicals or special lap treatments.  This is a treat in itself.
12. Simple "Blackout/Bullseye copyrighted optical method that lets you see errors before you cut.  Easy  interpretation of "Interference Patterns" that show surface features before or after polishing .  This can be sued as a means of mesauring flat surfaces or visually noticing minute flaws.  You can easily and immediately inspect and evaluate cutting problems without any special setups.
13. Decreases your faceting time with little or no cheating or height adjustments.  
14. Duplicates all gemstones with optical precision.
15. Proven by many facetors, including winners of faceting contests.
16. Mirror Blend solution will further increase polish and polishing speed.  It rejuvenates worn laps and will create a final polsih on coarser laps.  NON TOXIC (courtesy of Joe Smith of Raleigh, N.C.)
17. Last, but not least, it makes faceting enjoyable even for children.



Bill Atwell, President
North York Faceting Guild
188 Ramona Boulevard
Markham, Ontario





Dear C.R.,

Please find enclosed a copy of our current newsletter.

You will find mention of your mirror blend and a recent discovery one of our members came across when using it. He discovered that if you mix diamond powder with the gel and let it dry as a smooth film on copper or tin laps, and when WD-40 was sprayed on the film, the polishing speed increased by a factor of 10 as initially calculated, later dropped to somewhere around 5 - 8 as a factor. In other words, the speed in polishing increased dramatically when this combination and process was used.

You may find it of interest that we have already received a phone call from France about this discovery.

I am also enclosing our September newsletter that mentions the mirror blend as an alternative polishing method. Your blend was recommended to us by Dr. Ben Smith, about whom you will read in both newsletters, but a man who you know already.

I hope that you find the newsletters of value to you. I will also be sending Joe Smith a copy of both newsletters as well.

You and I have conversed before about both your Mirror Lap System and the blend. I look forward to further talks with you.

Wishing you and your wife the very best in this New Year.
Sincerely yours,

"To me it is much easier to use it on the kit. Its nice to know that todays Facetors are always open for experimentation." - C.R.

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Mirror Facet: Imitated but never duplicated.

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