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 The Prospector's Pouch carries a full line of lapidary supplies. The owner, C. R. Smith, has been a lapidary instructor for over 30 years, but has since retired from teaching. He performs custom stone cutting and has lectured around the country.


 The Prospectors Pouch also offers rough stone that can be found in Georgia. Including, but not limited to the following:



          Georgia Snow Forest – Green in white matrix that resembles snow atop green tree branches. Will produce a high polish for cabs and flats. (limited supply, slabs only….Sample $5.00, plus $3.00 postage…pictures soon available)

          Georgia Star Rose Quartz – Oriented slices or rough pieces (clear pink) that will produce sharp 6 ray stars

                  $1.25 per gram up to 25 grams

                  $1.00 per gram from 26 to 50 grams

                  $0.75 per gram from 50 grams and up

          Georgia LazuliteDifferent grades: pyrite, quartzite matrix with blue crystals

          Georgia Conestoga Limestone black limestone matrix with white marbled veins, easy to polish for cabs or flats (same pricing as Georgia Snow Forest, pictures soon available)

          Georgia Green Actinolite non "cut able" but specimen to museum quality – light green (very close to emerald green) acicular crystals in grayish white matrix. Price depends on size and quality. Gold has been found in the same rock formations.

          Georgia Jaspervaried colors with unusual patterns, very nice for cab or flat.  Presently, same prices as Georgia Snow Forest.

        Georgia Star Rose Quartz - Oriented slices and slabs of rough that will produce 6 rayed stars when cut with orientation.



          Round: 9,10, 12, 16, 19, 20 mm

          Oval: 6x8, 8x10, 12x18, 13x16, 14x23, 18x25, 23x30, 30x40 mm

          Rectangle: 5x12mm

          Square: 12x12mm

          Diamond: 9x26mm

          Cushion: 15x18mm

          Pear: 8x10mm

          Heart: 8x9, 23x24mm

          Butterfly: 8x13, 11x12mm

          Star: 12, 22mm

          Triangles(rounded): 10x16

*Please note: minimum charge for preforming is $25.00.











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