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From silver to gold and platinum finished jewelry, from prospecting to stone cutting equipment and hand tools... the Prospector's Pouch is one of the Atlanta's areas best kept secrets. We are the only jewelry store in the Atlanta area to offer everything from rough stones to fine jewelry.
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In December of 2007, the Travel Channel's, Cash and Treasures Show crew came to Georgia to unearth stones called "Star Rose Quartz."

The stones found were then taken to Dahlonega, Georgia to cut into cabachons and then brought to Kennesaw, Georgia to the Prospector's Pouch to have a pendant custom made.  At the "Pouch," the largest of the two stones was made into a pendant by our jeweler/designer. The Hostess of the show, Kirsten Gumm, received instruction and made her own stone into a pendant, with the use of our shop.

The pendant made by our jeweler for the show was constructed of sterling silver and accented with 14 karat yellow gold and pink tourmaline. A picture of the pendant made for the show can been seen on the photo gallery page. Click here Cash and Treasures Photo Gallery

C.R. Smith, owner of the Prospector's Pouch, with Kirsten Gumm.


The "finding Star Rose Quartz in Georgia" episode of the Cash and Treasures Show first aired  on
April 16th, 2008.
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