Azurite “Stone of Heaven”, 

Often referred to as the “stone of Heaven”, Azurite is known to be a popular stone of spiritual transformation & awakening.

Many believe that it stimulates the mind & enhances psychic abilities and intuition as well as creativity & self expression.
Azurite supposedly helps us to let go of old patterns & negative feelings allowing us to grow & be open to positive change.
Azurite is good for meditation.


Rhodochrosite, discovered in a cave in Argentina, dates back to the ancient Inca civilization. Upon discovery, the Incas began crafting exquisite jewelry with these stunning pink crystals. Known for its positive mood-boosting energy, Rhodochrosite is celebrated as a powerful love stone that can help heal the heart and promote emotional balance.

This crystal is renowned for enhancing compassion and understanding, making it a valuable ally for those seeking personal growth. Additionally, Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for meditation, promoting spiritual growth and deep introspection.

Embrace the transformative power of Rhodochrosite to uplift your spirit, nurture your emotional well-being, and foster a deeper connection to your inner self.

Chrysoprase ” Apple Gemstone” Pendant

Chrysoprase is a rare and ancient semi-precious stone, revered throughout history for its striking beauty and powerful properties. Known as the most valuable apple-green gemstone in the chalcedony family, Chrysoprase was often mistaken for emerald by ancient jewelers. This gemstone was highly prized by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, who crafted it into seals, jewelry, and ornamental objects.

Chrysoprase is believed to bring good fortune and wealth to its wearer, making it a sought-after stone for those seeking prosperity. Additionally, it is celebrated for its healing properties, promoting emotional balance and fostering a sense of well-being. Chrysoprase is also recognized as the birthstone for May, symbolizing renewal and growth during this vibrant spring month.

Enhance your collection with Chrysoprase, a gemstone that combines historical significance, exceptional beauty, and metaphysical benefits.

Labradorite ” Moravian”

Discovered in 1770 by Moravian missionaries in Labrador, Canada, Labradorite is a mesmerizing gemstone named after its place of origin. By the 18th century, it had made its way to Europe, quickly gaining popularity and reverence, especially in England and France.

Labradorite is often celebrated as a stone of overall good luck. It is believed to assist those struggling with concentration, offering clarity, courage, and a deeper understanding of one’s higher purpose in life. Additionally, Labradorite is said to provide powerful protection against negative energy, promoting a sense of calm, balance, and comfort for its owner. This captivating stone, with its stunning play of colors, continues to be cherished for both its beauty and its metaphysical properties.

Emerald Necklace

Emeralds have long been cherished as symbols of truth and love throughout history. The ancient Egyptians revered this precious gemstone, believing it to be a source of eternal life. Similarly, the Greeks and Romans held Emeralds in high regard, associating them with the goddess Venus, who epitomizes love, hope, beauty, and wealth.

Due to these deep historical connections, Emeralds are thought to bring love, loyalty, good fortune, and prosperity in relationships. This striking green gemstone is not only a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection but also carries with it a rich legacy of enhancing romantic and emotional bonds.

Jade Necklace

The Chinese cherish Jade as the embodiment of Heaven and Earth’s energy. In Chinese mythology, Jade trees grow in celestial mountains, symbolizing immortality and eternal protection. This precious gemstone is revered for safeguarding both the living and the dead, making it a timeless guardian for generations.

Jade is believed to bring its owner good fortune, happiness, and protection. It’s the perfect gift to wish someone good luck. Just look at this adorable frog pendant—doesn’t it make the perfect lucky charm?

Carnelian Ring

Carnelian, a vibrant orange-red gemstone from the chalcedony family, boasts a rich history dating back to 1800 BC on the island of Crete. Often called the “June stone” or “stone of the sun,” it is believed to carry the essence of the sun, packed with powerful healing properties.

This captivating gem is thought to attract prosperity and good luck, making it a favorite for those seeking fortune. Carnelian is also said to enhance self-esteem, courage, love, and passion, bringing a dynamic energy to your life. Embrace the warmth and vitality of Carnelian to ignite your inner fire.

Aquamarine Ring 

Aquamarine is a gemstone steeped in myth and legend. The Romans believed that carving a frog into an Aquamarine could turn enemies into friends. Sailors cherished Aquamarine as a talisman, believing it would keep them safe at sea and bring good luck in their fishing endeavors.

In medieval times, this serene blue stone was thought to rekindle the love between married couples. Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, is celebrated for its ability to foster harmony and love. This month, we’re offering a special sale on Aquamarine jewelry, including a stunning 7.72-carat piece. It’s also a perfect gift for your 19th wedding anniversary. Visit us to explore the beauty and lore of Aquamarine.

Ethopian Opals Pendant Set 

Ethiopian Opals are discovered in the volcanic regions of Shewa Province in Northern Ethiopia. These mesmerizing gemstones are believed to symbolize hope and inspiration. The vibrant play of colors within each opal reflects the diverse facets of life and the boundless possibilities it holds.

Many believe that Ethiopian Opals encourage self-love and help the wearer recognize the goodness and truth in everything around them. These stunning stones are not only visually captivating but also spiritually uplifting, making them a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

 Tourmaline Gemstone Rings

Tourmaline, a gemstone found in all the colors of the rainbow, carries a rich history and a spectrum of healing properties. According to Egyptian legend, Tourmaline passed through a rainbow on its journey to the Earth’s surface, gathering all its vibrant hues along the way.

Folklore suggests that Tourmaline can repel negative energies, alleviate depression, and soothe feelings of grief and fear. It’s believed to boost self-confidence, enhance communication, and promote relaxation. This versatile gemstone is not only beautiful but also a powerful ally in fostering emotional well-being.

Smokey Quartz Ring

For centuries, Smokey Quartz has been celebrated for its powerful protective and grounding properties. Ancient civilizations used Smokey Quartz in magical rituals and religious ceremonies, recognizing its ability to offer stability and security during challenging times.

As a grounding stone, Smokey Quartz provides a sense of security and stability, especially during hardships. It is believed to help alleviate feelings of depression and promote emotional healing, allowing individuals to let go of the past and embrace a brighter future.

Additionally, Smokey Quartz is regarded as a stone of good luck and prosperity, making it a valuable addition to any collection. Whether you’re seeking protection, emotional balance, or a touch of good fortune, Smokey Quartz is an excellent choice.

Variscite Pendant Set

Variscite was first discovered in the Variscia region, located between Germany and the Czech Republic. This beautiful gemstone is renowned as a symbol of hope and encouragement, inviting us to embrace our true selves and choose paths that bring joy and peace.

Believed to open our hearts, Variscite helps us love ourselves and others more deeply. It’s an excellent stone for meditation, known for its calming and soothing effects on the mind. Embrace the tranquility and positivity that Variscite brings into your life.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls, the world’s oldest gemstone, have captivated humanity long before the advent of written language. Across cultures, pearls are steeped in myth and legend. In Chinese folklore, pearls were believed to fall to Earth during battles between dragons. Japanese mythology tells of pearls originating from the tears of mermaids and other mythical sea creatures.

For centuries, pearls have symbolized purity and love, making them a timeless gift for weddings and anniversaries. They are also a cherished choice for baby gifts and first communion presents. Explore the elegance and mystique of pearls, perfect for celebrating life’s special moments.


18 kt Gold Bracelet 

18kt yellow gold antique bracelet, now on sale. This timeless piece features 3 carats of brilliant cut diamonds, elegantly set to captivate and enchant. Show your love and appreciation for that special person who is dear to your heart with this unique and breathtaking bracelet.

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